Wonder Lister
User guide


To manage (create, edit, delete etc) your profiles on how you accept payments, follow these steps:
Click on the menu option:
Tools > Options > Payment
A new view will open on the right hand side as shown below:
Select Site
Select a site for which you wish to display your existing profiles
Select eBayUserID
Select an eBay account for which you wish to display your existing profiles
Show Profiles
Displays your existing profiles for the selected site and eBayUserID.
Edit selected profile
Select a profile and then click this button to edit the selected profile. The changes you make are sent to eBay and if successful, eBay will apply those changes to your listings. You don't need to edit individual listings.
Delete Selected Profiles
Lets you delete profiles no longer in use by any listing. The deletion request is sent to eBay and if successful, those profiles are deleted from eBay as well as from Wonder Lister. eBay will reject deletion if a profile is currently in use by any listing or if it is designated as the default profile. Only one profile can be designated as your default profile. Thus, you must designated another profile as your default profile before attempting to delete a profile that is currently designated as your default.
Show Active Listings
Displays all active listings that are using any of the selected profiles.
Duplicate using another eBay account
Lets you easily duplicate one or more selected profiles for another eBay account.
Duplicate Profiles to eBay User ID
Select the eBay account to which you wish to duplicate the selected profiles
Enter PayPal Email of selected eBay User account
Enter the associated PayPal email address of the selected eBay User ID to which the profiles are being duplicated to.
Initiates the duplication process. The duplicated profiles are sent to eBay.
Cancel the duplication operation and close the dialog
Add Profile
Lets you add a new profile
Payment Options
Select one or more payment methods. These are the methods you want your potential buyers to pay.
If buyer pays using PayPal, payment goes to
If you chose PayPal as one of the Payment methods, then, enter the PayPal email address of associated PayPal account
Require immediate payment when buyer uses Buy It Now
Check this box if you wish your buyer to pay immediately if they buy your item using Buy It Now option enabled
Payment Instructions
Enter any notes / instructions for your potential buyers
Set as default
Check this box if you wish to designate this profile as your default profile. Only one profile can be designated as a default profile, so, any previous default profile will no longer be your default.
Profile name
Give a friendly name to your profile. Profiles automatically generated by eBay have default names given by eBay
Profile description
Enter a description of this profile
Save Changes
Sends the data to eBay to create a new profile, If successful, a new profile is also added in Wonder Lister.