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eBay bulk listing software | WonderLister - Frequently Asked Questions

WonderLister – the premier eBay bulk listing software comes prepackaged with many features to save you time and money. The user interface is simple and easy to navigate. While most options are self-explanatory, sometimes, you may need additional explanations. Kindly refer to our User Guide, Discussion boards, Videos or simply email us.

All subscription payments are processed via PayPal's or Stripe’s secure site. Both PayPal and Stripe are among the most trusted Payment Processor’s around the world. WonderLister itself does not save any financial information.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time before or after the trial period.

Yes, from within TurboLister, export your inventory items to a .CSV file in TL format. That CSV file can then be imported within Wonder Lister without any change.

Wonder Lister supports all the features necessary to make your listings Cassini friendly – eBay’s search engine. Your listings will get better exposure to potential buyers; helping you improve sales.

In addition, Wonder Lister is integrated with Twitter. Any new listing created within Wonder Lister can be sent to your twitter account. This feature can expose your listings to tens of thousands of potential buyers.

See a detailed list of supported features

Wonder Lister has a host of features to assist you in achieving that goal. Simplified Single Page Listing Editor, bulk operations, automation rules, automatic feedback, ultra-fast performance, auto backup of your data at regular intervals and a host of other such features help reduce the time you need to devote to mundane tasks. This will leave you with more time to concentrate on your business.

As an example, Wonder Lister can render a large number of your listings extremely fast compared to other tools. So, you don’t waste time waiting on the User Interface to respond back. What Wonder Lister renders in under 10 seconds, other tools take several minutes!

Yes, in Wonder Lister, you have the ability to create your own views for Listing Templates (aka Inventory items in TurboLister), Listings and Sales.

Yes, Wonder Lister allows you to create your own folders. You can simply drag & drop items into folders. You can also create an unlimited number of sub-folders within a folder to any depth.

Wonder Lister handles this situation with ease and applies only to WonderLister Desktop app.
For example, let’s say, you have 10,000 pictures in C:\eBay. Because C: drive is running low on space, you move, say, 4,000 pictures to D:\eBay. All you have to do is tell Wonder Lister to update all the pictures whose path starts with C: to D:. Wonder Lister is smart enough to find out which of the 10,000 pictures you physically moved over to D: and will only update its internal path for those 4,000 pictures.

Yes, Wonder Lister supports Consignor sales. You can create any number of consignor policies (basically how to charge commission). When you create a listing on behalf of your party, you attach a consignor policy to the listing. Wonder Lister provides a detailed report of sales against such listings and calculates the commission.

Wonder Lister does not support Windows XP as it is no longer supported by Microsoft. Therefore, you are better off upgrading to Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10. If that's not possible, then, you can use WonderLister Online which you can use with your web browser.

No, WonderLister Desktop app runs only on Microsoft Windows operating systems. However, you can use WonderLister Online with your web browser on Mac OS.

You can see some of the important screen shots here

WonderLister Desktop app:

Since, the only way to setup your monthly subscription is through PayPal, therefore, cancellation also has to be done through your PayPal account. Please see our Upgrade Cancellation Policy

Wonderlister Online:

Subscription can be cancelled from within the app itself.