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Upgrade & Cancellation Policy

Upgrading your subscription

  • You can uppgrade your existing subscription any time.
  • Pro-rated amount for the un-used period of your current subscription will be refunded
  • Procedure to follow:
    • Cancel your existing subscription
    • Login to your Wonder Lister account
    • Subscribe to the subscription package to which you want to upgrade

Cancelling your subscription

  • You can cancel your subscription any time. Absolutely no refunds after the trial period is over (unless you are canceling for upgrading your subscription).
  • Procedure to follow for PayPal subscriptions:
    • Login to your Paypal account
    • Find the Wonder Lister subscription from my Pre-approved payments
    • Cancel the subscription
  • Procedure to follow for Stripe subscriptions:
    • Login to your Wonder Lister account
    • Find the Stripe subscription that you wish to cancel
    • Click the Cancel link
    • —————————
    • Or send an email to: support@wonderlister.com