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Submission Results

Once you submit your item to eBay or Verify your item with eBay and if eBay returns one or more errors, those errors are displayed in this tab. eBay may also return additional warning messages and if so, they are displayed as well. But please note that a listing is not created on eBay because of errors. Warnings do not prevent eBay from creating the listing.
Errors MUST be corrected before submitting to eBay again.
It is possible that eBay may return only a few errors the first time you submit / verify. More errors may be reported after you corrected the errors reported first time. Like in our example, after correcting the error reported above, and re-Verifying 2nd time, the following errors along with a bunch of warnings were reported by eBay.
It is not necessary to fix the Warnings but all errors must be fixed before eBay will create the listing. To hide your warnings/errors, simply click on the down arrow () left of the Warnings/errors group title as shown below. THe entire group will be hidden and the arrow will change to an Up arrow. To show it again, simply click the Up arrow.