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Simple Search

Simple Search means search by a single field satisfying a specified condition. The highlighted area is the area where you do simple searches to find your templates.
The highlighed area in the above screen shot is explained below:
Search Fields
Dropdown #1 (Field to search)
Allows you to select a field to search on, say "Title"
Dropdown #2 (Operator)
Select the operator like EqualsTo, GreaterThan, LessThan etc. The list of operators changes based on the selected "Field to search"
TextBox #1 (Value or Starting Value
If the Operator selected requires only one value (like EqualTo), then, enter the value to search.
TextBox #2 (Ending Value)
Is only visible when the selected operator requires starting and ending values like Between. Example: Rule ID Between 1 and 10
Search Option
Search in grid
Search within the data displayed in the Grid as a result of previous search
When checked, search includes archived templates as well.
Selected site/seller
When checked, searches for templates for the site and seller currently selected
Execute shown as
Executes the search based on parameters entered. The templates that meet the search parameters are displayed in the Grid area
Say you wish to find all templates with Payment Profile NOT EQUALTO <PROFILE_SELECTED>
You will enter/select the following in the Simple Search boxes as show. Then click on the Execute () button to execute the search.
Starting Date is always start of day
Ending Date is always end of day.
Example, if you select March 1, 2020 as the Starting Date, it is the beginning of day on March 1, 2020. Similarly, if you select March 1, 2020 as the Ending Date, it is the end of day on March 1, 2020.