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Advantages of using Wonder Lister

  WonderLister Admin  October 26th, 2015

Before I answer this question, let’s focus on some of the issues online sellers face when they start selling on multiple marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Shopify and so on.

For simplicity, consider you are currently an eBay seller and now wish to also start selling on Amazon.

#1: Enter your product info multiple places
The first and probably one of the biggest challenges is that you would be required to enter your product information on every marketplace you wish to list on. You would need to login to your eBay account and enter the details of each of your products like Title, Subtitle, you would need to select an eBay category, upload your photos, write a detailed description and so on. Exactly same thing you need to repeat again on Amazon!

#2: Inventory Management
Keeping track of how many to list on each marketplace could be quite daunting. If you have say 10 pieces of an item, inventory allocation and management of how many to list on eBay and how many on Amazon is certainly going to be a nightmare. When you receive additional inward supplies, the process must be repeated over. Now, if you have say 3000 unique products, you can quite easily imagine the daunting task of doing this exercise manually!

#3: How is my business doing?
While eBay will give you stats on your sales on eBay and similarly Amazon will tell you how you are doing on Amazon, it is not enough for you to get a consolidated picture as a whole. Is a certain product selling faster on eBay or Amazon? Which marketplace is giving you better profits? These questions are not going to be easily answered unless you take all the time in the world to maintain accurate reports on your own.

#4: Data Retention
Any business needs data analysis to know how it is doing as compared to say last year or last-to-last year. This requires your sales and expense data for the period concerned. eBay, for example, will not keep your data for more than 90 days. So, unless, you take proactive steps to download your sales and expenses from eBay and Amazon and somehow merge the two sets together into a coherent format so that you can do some analysis, this would be a big headache.

#5: Keeping your data in sync
There would be times when you would need to make changes to multiple products. For example, say, you wish to offer 20% discount on certain products. Needless to say, you would need to do this across all the marketplaces. Not only is this time consuming but is quite error prone.

Now, that you know what potential issues exist, you need an application that could take care of all of these issue for you. This is where Wonder Lister can help.

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