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Handling eBay’s new Policy making GTC as the ONLY choice for all Fixed Price Listings

  WonderLister Admin  March 17th, 2019

Recently eBay made a significant change where it made GTC (Good till cancelled) the only option for all fixed price listings. No longer, an eBay seller has the option to specify durations of 3,7,10 or 30 days, just GTC is the only available choice. This mandate has created some significant issues for a lot of eBay sellers.

  1.  Since by definition, GTC listings are automatically renewed every 30 days, thus, you no longer will have the option to edit your listing, if remaining unsold. Unless of course you manually END the listing and edit and relist. For large number of listings, this could be an issue.
  2. Automatic renewal implies you have to pay eBay fees every 30 days – whether you want it or not – unless of course, you END the listing manually before it auto renews.


Wonder Lister (WL) was the first application globally to implement a solution to handle the above issues. In WL, you can set a flag on your Fixed Price GTC listing to indicate that it be force ended before eBay auto renews it. For existing listings, this flag can be set using Bulk Editing. Once a listing has the flag set, WL will End the listing during the last 60 minutes before it is due for auto renewal by eBay. The listing will be Ended ONLY if it has no Sale against it.

WL is providing this feature to Everyone – no matter what subscription level you are on, thus, you don’t pay anything extra to use this feature.

For more information, please contact Wonder Lister Support : support@wonderlister.com

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