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Switch before eBay Turbo Lister gets discontinued!

  WonderLister Admin  October 18th, 2016

In a response to TurboLister now being abandoned by Ebay. I just feel compelled to step up to the plate and share a personal insight into something I discovered that made me leave TurboLister some time ago and now that TL is going to be discontinued entirely I need to spell out an alternative for everyone.
I spent over 3 years using TurboLister and all that while was always looking for something better. I tried several other options for listing through the years and finally discovered an application – program called WonderLister or WL for short. In a nutshell I discovered after starting to use WonderLister that it just blew all of the other options I kept finding away.
It took years to find. These are the same management team people that built BlackThorn for Ebay [if you remember or know who that was]. Ebay dropped its interest in TurboLister long ago, but let it hang around in its clunky state for several years, buggy and slow as it was. But there was BlackThorn as an alternative. Then several years ago, Ebay stopped their financial interest in BlackThorn [which Ebay offered prior to Selling Manager Pro] and abandoned the Blackthorn team. Now we have all discovered Ebay is going to totally dump TurboLister.
So, I found WonderLister by chance about a year and a half ago and discovered the old BlackThorn team had formed this new company and built Wonder Lister. It is TurboLister and Blackthorn all rolled into one then shot up with Steroids. Ebay data, Sales data, customer data, financial & Sales reports, scheduler, uploader, photo handling, searchable database, folder organization, template creator, sales promotion, listing editor and much more all rolled up into one program / application.
There are just so many good things that Wonder Lister does that I would do it an injustice to try to remember them all but here are just some of the many, many attributes of Wonder Lister for those that are having to leave TurboLister and looking for an alternative.
Create listing, listing templates and sales views to display focused information. For example, an active listing view, an ended listing view, an ended – unsold listings view, a view of all listings that contain a certain word, phrase or dollar amount, etc.
Create a master listing and bulk duplicate, edit each duplicated listing in Simple Editor or in a Grid view and submit all at once to eBay!
While eBay allows you to search by a few pre-defined fields, Wonder Lister allows you to choose one and more fields to search.
Export your templates and listings as a flat file. All columns as well as their names are fully customizable. Thus, you can create your export data files such that they can be directly imported in Amazon, Etsy, and other merchant sites.
Allows you to define your own fields for Listings and Sales. The values entered in such fields can also be used in creating eBay’s description!
Customize how you want your invoice to look, and use custom fields in the template, if you’d like.
Add as many eBay User IDs to Wonder Lister as you wish. Wonder Lister’s is capable of showing all your listings and sales for all user IDs together or by a specific User ID.
Keep your data on your computer for as long as you want! One year, two years, however long, it’s your call.
Edit your listing inside the grid they are displayed in, similar to an Excel spreadsheet.
Create your own folders and sub folders at any level. Define your own criteria for which listings (or sales) should automatically be displayed when you click on the folder.
Wonder Lister allows you to Bulk Edit easily. You can select as many of your listings as you wish [even thousands or more] and make multiple field changes to ALL selected listings at once.
WL has a Consignor module if you sell items given to you from other sources on consignment
Wonder Lister automatically calculates your commission on consignor sales. Creates a Consignor sales & Inventory Sheet.
Sales report with Profit & loss figures
In Wonder Lister, you can track Profit (or Loss) for each of your sales, by item specific.
Using AD Templates, you can define the basic look and feel of your listing ONCE and use it across multiple/all of your listings. Conversely, if you need to make changes to many listings, you need to make the change ONLY once in the AD Template and all those listings that use that AD Template will automatically get revised. In addition, inside your AD Template, you can embed Custom fields that you define yourself.
Can use it as a customized – personal Inventory management system of your listed items by creating certain views and sorting in customized ways.
It allows you to have, track and create listings for Multiple eBay sites
Add as many eBay sites as you list on, and filter your listings (or sales) by a specific site or by all sites.
And I wouldn’t do justice by leaving out the statement that their Support Team is Absolutely Great. They answer fast, will instruct you if needed, I even had one of them use TeamViewer and just do something I asked, for me directly in front of me remotely.
The upload of 12 photos is in about 1 to 2 seconds. All 12 are uploaded before EBay’s app can upload one photo.
Personally I create tons of different templates and they will keep forever because everything is stored on my hard drive, not on EBay’s servers. When I list I just click on a saved template by category like Men’s Shoes and that blank listing pops up and all I fill in is the specifics for that particular item.
It pulls all of the same type of data from Ebay that SMP offers but it is in my files forever, not gone in 90 days. I also create “Folders” and keep various drafts in process by what I need to do, like a folder for items that need more research.
I also have a folder I named DIPs. That is my name for Drafts In Process. I can create listings and stop at any point that I need to and they are saved in my DIPs folder. I started doing some last night from my laptop while sitting downstairs and this morning I have 28 Listing Drafts in Process. All I will do today is open each one and finish them up. I can either choose to upload them one at a time as I go or save them all as a scheduled upload and they will all upload at that future time.
As far as bulk editing goes, Wonder Lister blows TurboLister and EBay’s Selling Manager Pro and new Dashboard away. No two hundred or 500 limit on how many to bulk edit. If you had 10,000 items in your store, you can bulk edit all of them at one time. The Bulk editor tab allows you to add your edits in many ways, including any Boolean language traits. Say, I want to add the word “Blue” to the end of all of my Titles, it can do it. By the way, again, at speeds you just want believe. TurboLister would take 20 to 30 hours to do thousands of listings, WL10 times or more in less time. Anything TurboLister can do, WL can do and so much more at blazing speeds.
Reports, you can sort and filter your data in many different ways. I can see how many items sold in each state. What percentage of my inventory sold in each state. How much tax I owe in Georgia, but if we had to pay taxes in every state, then just a click of a tab, and state taxes are in a report for all states. It will track all of your Cost of Goods Sold [if you input that data], or the Cost of the Goods that are still in your in your store for sale. Great report for tax time. Contains all of the names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of every person that has bought from you and that data is contained forever.
If you have a Twitter Account, it will upload automatically a Tweet about each of your listings [I haven’t used this function yet].
It has a field called Bin Loc. I put the Bin number of where I have stored each item in my inventory. So if I want a list of all my items still for sell and where it is stored I export to excel spread sheet and there you go. I know which numbered bin every item is in. Another way to use this function-report is to sort by bin number on all unsold inventory and guess what, I can see which BIN Numbers only have a few items in them and I know I have some room in that BIN and I can then assign a bin number to a new item right here in my office without having to go and look into all of the bins to see which ones are low.
Man, I could just go on and on. If set up with the right numbering system [that is an organizational management thing], I could any of you where your inventory is, what building a newly sold item is in, what shelf it is on, what bin it is in, how many items are left in that bin, what that bin weighs and if you can now put new items in that bin.
It has a quick, short version of a listing form. You can add item specifics to your Templates and they will stay there and not disappear when you save them like EBay’s SMP does. A big short fall for me we discussed some months back about creating drafts and templates and saving with phone apps.
Also it can be downloaded to multiple computers and then I if open WL on another rig it synchs with my main office computer. So my wife can be working and creating listings and uploading them from downstairs, while I am also working on a new listing and uploading from upstairs, all at the same time.
This program is built on a relational database concept, just like FoxPro Databases, or Microsoft Access and runs on Microsoft SQL. You can store your photos on your own hard drive [if you want] or on any External Image Server like J&R do and it pulls the photos from there [in a flash by the way] I have the Silver plan. That will hold me until my store is well over the 5,000 item listing mark and maybe more depending on how compact I keep my database. If you ever thought you would like an extra person to help you grow or maintain your business and couldn’t afford the extra person, well for their small fee per month having this program is like having an extra person working in my business.
So if I left anything out, sorry but it just does so much it is like explaining how MSWord and Excel works in a blog post.

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