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Can Wonder Lister be an ideal replacement for eBay Turbo Lister?

  WonderLister Admin  October 17th, 2016

We get asked this question over and over again, so, we thought, we might write this article why we think Wonder Lister is an ideal replacement tool for eBay’s Turbo Lister.

One of the biggest strength of Turbo Lister is that you can create your inventory items and listings offline, i.e., while you do not have an internet connection. Now, this may sound a bit out of the whack in the 21st century, but the fact remains that even within continental USA, there are many pockets where internet speeds are not that great or are expensive. Just like Turbo Lister, Wonder Lister too can create your Listing Templates (aka inventory items) and Listings offline. So, if this is something that is worrying you, don’t need to, Wonder Lister has you covered.

Other features of Turbo Lister, like, Bulk editing, Folders, Grid editing and such other features are kind of very basic functionality in Wonder Lister.

However, the similarities between Turbo Lister and Wonder Lister stops here. Wonder Lister has far more features than Turbo Lister, to name a few:

Folders – Based on queries you set, thus, all items matching the queries are automatically displayed under that folder, no manual intervention is needed

Customizable Grid Views – You can create an unlimited number of Grid Views and for each view you select which columns and in what order those columns be displayed, thus, you have full control over your Grid View and you can switch between Grid Views that you create

Customizable eBay Listing Editor – You select which fields you wish to hide because you never use them, thus, simplifying eBay Listing Editor’s interface. Plus, you choose to display the eBay Listing Editor either as a single page or as a set of tabs, your choice.

Side-by-side Editor – Wonder Lister users simply love this! This editor is inserted alongside the Listings Grid, thus, you select a Listing from the Grid, its data gets displayed in the Side-by-side editor where you can edit and save the changes, then, simply click on the next listing to edit in the Grid and the process just continues. This is a huge time saver.

Built-in scheduling – From time to time, eBay announces free listings period during which eBay does not charge any insertion fee for creating listings. This feature lets you create your listings in advance, schedule it for a date far in future and when eBay does the announcement, you simply send them to eBay. And of course, if you do indeed need to schedule your listings at specific dates/times, you could use this feature and can avoid any eBay fees associated with scheduling. Many users use Wonder Lister just for this feature itself as this can pay for the monthly subscription fee by itself!

Consignor Module – If you do consignment selling, Wonder Lister has you covered. You can define as many commission payout policies as you wish and based on the policy applied to a specific listing, Wonder Lister will do the commission calculation once the item gets sold.

Profit & Loss Report – Wonder Lister can capture the cost of an item and when it gets sold, the Sales Report will computer the Profit/Loss on that sale.

Consignor Report – Allows you to computer commission per individual consignor for a specified period and you have the option to include/exclude those sales for which you may already have done the settlement.

Managing Sales – Wonder Lister lets you combine multiple sales from the same buyer into a single order, you can mark an order as shipped / paid.

Auto List Rules – In Wonder Lister, you can create as many auto list rules as you wish and then apply a given rule to a bunch of existing Listing Templates (inventory items). Based on the conditions set in the rule, new Listings will be automatically create for you.

Auto Relist Rules – Similar to Auto List rules but this applies to Listings when they end on eBay.

Automatic Feedback – You can define a set of feedback comments and Wonder Lister will send automatic feedback to your buyers.

Automatic Database Backups – This feature can save you many sleepless nights. Computers are just machines and machines do fail from time to time. But having a backup to rely on for your business critical data becomes so vital.

Data stored on your local computer – Wonder Lister saves all your data in a repository called a Database. All the data is stored on your local computer itself, so, you decide for how long you wish to keep it. eBay only keeps for a maximum of 90 days.

Hope this helps.

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