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Turbo Lister to Wonder Lister – Migration Guide

  WonderLister Admin  November 7th, 2016

Who is this article for?

This article is meant for new users who are migrating from Turbo Lister to Wonder Lister.


As a Turbo Lister user, you have your eBay data stored at two places:

  • Listings that are stored on eBay site itself
  • Inventory items stored on your local computer

When you install and run Wonder Lister for the very first time, Wonder Lister will automatically import all your listings data residing on eBay. So, nothing more needs to be done as far as listings data that is stored on eBay is concerned.

The inventory data that you have on your local computer must be somehow transferred to Wonder Lister. This guide is meant to make this process as easy as possible.

Before you start Importing Turbo Lister Inventory Items:

Wonder Lister exclusively uses Profiles for managing your Payment, shipping and return policy details. Business Profiles is an eBay feature which eBay introduced several years back. It is highly recommended that you opt-in (basically sign up) to use eBay Business policies/profiles. Once you opt-in, eBay will automatically generate your profiles based on your existing listings. You should edit your listings within Turbo Lister (you can do that in Wonder Lister also) before exporting them. To OPT-IN to use business policies, please see /blogs/desktop/uncategorized-desktop/how-to-opt-in-to-ebay-business-policies/

Importing Turbo Lister Inventory Items:

First, from within your Turbo Lister, export as CSV file all your Inventory Items. You MUST export them in TL format (which is NOT the default option in Turbo Lister, so, please be careful)

Now, run Wonder Lister and follow these steps to Import that CSV file:

  • Go to main menu option: Templates -> Manage
  • A new tab will open titled ‘Manage Templates’
  • Click on the button titled ‘Create Options’ –> ‘Using a CSV file…’
  • A new dialog will be opened asking for the file to import
  • Enter/select the location of the TL CSV file
  • Select the right file format (Comma separated Values or TAB delimited or semi-colon delimited)
  • Wonder Lister will display some of your CSV data in the Grid so that you can ensure it looks good, if not, try changing the File Origin
  • Click on the button “Create listing templates

The import process will start. When completed, if there are any errors, they will be reported in the Grid. For those without any errors, a new listing template will be created per CSV row.

Now that your Inventory items are in Wonder Lister, the next step is to make some minor edits to the listing templates just imported. The reason for this is that Wonder Lister uses eBay Business Profiles where as many Turbo Lister users still do not use eBay Business Profiles even though eBay launched this feature many years ago. Thus, the next step is to attach Payment, Shipping and Return Policy profiles to the listing templates just imported. But before we can do that, these profiles must be there in Wonder Lister itself. Now, when you ran Wonder Lister for the very first time, Wonder Lister imported all your eBay business profiles (payment, shipping and return policy profiles) directly from eBay. This is true even if you have not switched over to using eBay Business Profiles. So, it is quite likely that the profiles you wish to attach to items just imported may already be existing in Wonder Lister. If not, Wonder Lister allows you to create them as well.

So, essentially, in summary, you may need to create your business profiles (Payment, shipping and return policies). To do that,

  • Go to main menu: Tools -> Options -> Payment, Shipping & Return Profiles
  • Underneath are options for each of Payment, Shipping and Return Profiles.
  • Click Payment and a new view will be displayed on the right hand side and you will be able to see your existing profiles as well as create new ones.
  • Similarly, you can create new Shipping and Return Policy profiles (if not already there)
  • In addition, we strongly suggest, that you enter a friendly name for each of the profiles Wonder Lister imported from eBay because eBay generated profile names are very cryptic and mostly useless.

Ok, now, at this point, you have all your profiles in place. The next step is to assign a profile of each type to the listing templates we just imported. In Wonder Lister, you can do that in Bulk.

Bulk assign Profiles to Listing Templates:

  • Go to main menu option: Templates -> Manage…
  • A new tab will be opened titled ‘Manage Templates’
  • Click on the system folder on the left hand side, labelled “All Listing Templates”. The templates will be displayed inside the Grid on the right hand side.
  • Select one or more templates to assign profiles
  • Click on “Bulk Edit…” button located at the top of the ‘Manage Templates’ tab
  • The Bulk Edit windows is displayed.
  • Check the box next to “Payment Profile“. Once checked, you will be allowed to select a Profile from the list of available profiles. Select the one you desire making sure the profile you are selecting belongs to the same eBay userID and eBay site to which your listing templates belong to.
  • Repeat the above step for Shipping and Return profiles.
  • Once all three profiles have been selected, click on the button “Save Changes” which is at the top of the window.

and that’s it as far as migrating your Inventory data from Turbo Lister to Wonder Lister is concerned!

If you need any help, email Wonder Lister customer support:


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