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Bulk editing of UPC, EAN or other product identifiers to ‘Does Not Apply’

  WonderLister Admin  March 23rd, 2016

With the recent announcement from eBay, eBay now requires that each listing has product identifier. Those listings that genuinely do not have say a valid UPC, then, the UPC must be set to ‘Does Not Apply’.

So, essentially, there is a need to change almost every listing for UPC (or other product identifier). The procedure described here is the same for other product Identifiers.

To Bulk apply UPC equal to ‘Does Not Apply’ to a bunch of listings, follow these steps:

(1)  In the Manage Listings, select all the listings you wish to change

(2) Click on the button ‘Apply CIS’ just above the Listings Grid

(3) From the new window that opens up, enter the name and value for the item specific you wish to change. So, in this specific case, enter the name as UPC and the value as ‘Does Not Apply’. Click on Save button.

(4) You will see the item specific we just created in the Grid below.

(5) Select that UPC from the Grid and click on Apply button. This will apply the selected item specific (UPC) with the value you entered (Does Not Apply) to all the listings you selected.

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