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8 challenges eBay sellers face and how WonderLister can help

  WL Admin  June 6th, 2022

While it is no dobut, that eBay continues to be a very vibrant and attractive marketplace for all types of online sellers, there are a few challenges eBay sellers face.

Before you can sell anything on any of the ecommerce marketplaces, you have to list your product on the marketplace of your choice. Creating a listing on eBay can be a frustration for many sellers particularly those sellers who are new to eBay platform.

#1 - Bulk Assign Pictures to listings

Specifically for large voulme coins and stamp sellers where each coin or a stamp typically has a fixed (typically 1 or 2) number of pictures per coin (or stamp), there is no way on eBay platform for such sellers to say - "here are 500 pictures, go assign 2 pictures to next 250 listings starting from a particular listing". You need to manually assign 2 pictures to 250 listings one listing at a time! That's an awful waste of your precious time. Learn more how WonderLister Online can help save you from wasting your precious time.

#2 - Manage listings for multiple eBay accounts (and multiple eBay sites)

If you happen to list on multiple eBay sites or have multiple eBay accounts, which many medium and large eBay sellers do, this is a big challange. On eBay platform, you would need to login with one eBay account and you can only manage listings & orders for that account. Once done, you need to logout, log back in with your second eBay account and soon you will realize that's a pretty stressful and waste of your time.

#3 - Staff accounts

Most medium and large eBay sellers have employees working for them. As an employer, you would want some of your staff members to do certain activities like be able to create a listing but not be able to see your sales report. On top of that, even just to login to eBay's platform, your staff would need your eBay login credentials! That's a serious security issue and most eBay sellers are not comfortable (justifiably so) sharing their credentials with others.

#4 - Limited Bulk editing

From time to time, eBay makes changes which require eBay sellers to edit a large number of their listings. In addition, many large sellers want their old, previously used listings to be duplicated, suitably edited as per new changes and all this would require bulk editing a large number of listings at once. Not easy on eBay.

#5 - Customizable Grid Layouts

On eBay platform, as a seller, you have very limited options to add/remove columns you wish to see while browsing your listings. You, as an eBay seller, just can't customize the columns you want to see while browsing your listings.

#6 - Description Templates

This is a serious limitation particularly if you have a large number of listings. Many eBay sellers have listings whose descriptions are very similar with very minor changes. It would be far easier if you could simply define your description template once and use that description template across many of your listings. The description template defines variables which are replaced by actual data coming from each specific listing to which that description template is applied. Similarly, if you were to make a change that needs to be made to multiple large number of listing descriptions, you can simply edit the description template and all listings that use that template will automatically be edited! That would be so wonderful but unfortunately on eBay there is no such provision for you to accomplish this easily.

#7 - Save your favorite searches as folders

It is extremely common that you as an eBay seller would need to do some common searches from time to time. For example, you may want to see all your listings that ended in the last 60 days with a final price between $25 to $50 and having some specific word in the title and/or description. Every time, you would need to write this search criterion you need to use it. There is no way to save this search as a folder - the folder you simply can click on next time!

#8 - Custom Fields

It is quite common that as an eBay seller you have information / data you wish to attach to a listing - data that eBay is not asking for. For example, say you sourced your item from someone on a specific date at a specific price and need to capture these details as part of your listing - data meant for your eyes only. Your potential buyers should not be allowed to see such data. Unfortunately, you will need to do this outside of eBay - probably use an excel spreadsheet or a word document or such similar technique.

So, what's the solution?

WonderLister - the perfect eBay seller tool that addresses all these challanges and many more. Over the last 7 years, WonderLister has helped thousands of eBay sellers - small, medium and large - manage over 20+ million listings. Sign up today and start your 100% free trial!

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