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What Top Coin Sellers / Stamp Sellers on eBay should know?

  WL Admin  June 9th, 2022

Being able to efficiently list your item on any eCommerce platform - be it is eBay or any other platform, is very important to every top coin seller. Coin sellers and stamp sellers, in general have a unique need that is different than other sellers. Typically, coin and stamp sellers have a fixed number of pictures (typically 2) per item. Thus, ability to assign a specific number of pictures to multiple listings becomes a unique need.

For example, say you have 1000 new coins to sell. Every coin needs 2 pictures, so, you take 2000 pictures. On eBay, as you know, you can only assign 2 pictures to each listing and you need to repeat this process 1000 times!

WonderLister Online solves this issue very elegantly. It lets you select a max of 500 pictures and drag and drop them on to the first listing (out of 1000) and it automatically assigns a fixed number of pictures (you can set how many as a preference) to each of the 1000 listings. This can save you hundreds of hours each day!

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