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System Folders


What are System Folders?

System folders (unlike User folders) are predefined folders and thus you can't manage them (edit/delete etc)
Each system folder has a predefined meaning and templates automatically appear in them based on the purpose of that folder
A template can be in a User folder as well as in system folder at the same time, in fact a template may be in multiple system folders at the same time. For example, a template may have encountered a submission error so it will be in the system folder named "Submission Errors" and at the same time it will also be in "All Listing Templates" folder.
Folder name
All Listing Templates
Contains every template you create, no exceptions
Un Archived
Contains only those templates that have not been archived
Work in progress
A newly created listing template appears here, represents an on-going work
Waiting to Upload
When you have completed the template in all respects and the template is good in all respects to be submitted to eBay but as of now you don't want to submit, you can move the template to this folder by using the option "Waiting to Upload" > "Add".  Similarly, to move a template back into "Work in progress" folder use the option "Waiting to Upload" > "Remove".
Contains templates you have successfully submitted that template to eBay
Submission Errors
Contains templates you submitted to eBay but eBay rejected due to one/more errors. To see the error, click on this folder, the templates will display in the Grid area, scroll the Grid rightmost and the error message will be displayed under the SystemMessage column.
On its way to eBay
Wonder Lister allows you to submit multiple listings to eBay. When Wonder Lister decides to submit them as a job, then, this folder contains the listings being submitted to eBay but are not yet gone to eBay.
Potential Duplicates
Contains listings that Wonder Lister has determined to be a potential duplicate of another listing. Both listings are in this folder.
Listings that you have archived. Such listings do not show up anywhere else.