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Some of my Listings are shown in Red, what does that mean?

In Wonder Lister, you have the option to edit an active listing BUT not send those changes to eBay immediately. In such a case, changes are only local to Wonder Lister. Such active listings are naturally out of sync with eBay since the change is not yet applied on eBay. To distinguish such listings visually, they are displayed in Red color.
Such listings are NOT refreshed from eBay because if they did, the changes you made to them would be lost.
You have two options for such listings:
1.  Either submit these listings to eBay so that eBay is updated with the changes you made to these listings. To submit, use the option "To/From eBay" > "Submit" as shown below:
2.  If you want to cancel the changes you made, select these listings, do right click and click on the option Undo Changes.