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  • Managing Grid Layouts

Managing Grid Layouts

What are Grid Layouts?
A layout is simply named set of columns to display in the Grid. You can create as many layouts as you so wish. You can select from the layouts you created and the Grid will refresh automatically to reflect the columns in that layout.
To get started, click on the link "Grid Layout" as shown for Listings tab (same applies to Listing Templates and Sales tabs):
A new window will open as shown below:
Select View Type
Is automatically selected depending upon which tab (Listings, Listing Templates or Sales) opened this window.
Select View
Select a view you wish to use as a basis to create new view or edit that selected view
Available Columns
Shows the currently available columns that can be added to the view. Select one/more columns from this list, click the green right arrow to make them move to the Selected Columns list. This list is sorted alphabetically.
Selected Columns
Columns you have selected so far. To deselect, select the columns to remove from this list, click on the green left arrow to make them move to the Available Columns list. Use the up / Down arrows to move the selected columns up or down. This is to order the columns. The Grid will show the columns in the same order as is shown in the list.
Number of fixed columns (0 - 9)
If you wish that the first set of columns in the Grid remain fixed (do not scroll horizontally) and thus remain visible always, set that number here.
Save View under name
Give a new name to create a new view. If you selected a SYSTEM defined view to start with, the new name is automatically set to have the " - Copy" prefix appended to the name since SYSTEM provided views can't be edited/deleted.
Save View
Saves the view
Delete View
Deletes the selected view. System provided views can't be deleted.
The Grid Layout attached to each folder is remembered across sessions, thus, when you run Wonder Lister, the default Grid Layout for a folder is whatever you had set last time.