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How is a Listing Template different than a Listing?

A Listing Template by itself is not meant to live on eBay. It can be submitted to eBay but internally a new listing is first created from the template and that new listing is sent to eBay. Similarly, when data is refreshed from eBay, the listing gets updated from eBay's data but no change is made to the template (from which that listing might have been created). In short, a template is disconnected from eBay completely.
Every time a template is submitted to eBay, it creates a brand new listing in Wonder Lister. So,  in theory, a single template can create multiple listings within Wonder Lister and finally those multiple listings can be submitted to eBay. Wonder Lister does not track the listings that a template created, all it tracks is if a template has been submitted or not and if submitted, the last date it was submitted.