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bulk listing tool eBay | WonderLister | Staff accounts with permission-based access control

WonderLister – the global leader providing bulk listing tool for eBay with a suite of productivity features. If you are like most businesses having one or more employees / associates, then, you certainly need a system where you can control which employee can do what operation(s). For example, you may want to permit only some of your employees to Submit your listings to eBay while not permitting others to do so.

WonderLister makes it possible for you to do so. When you create a staff account, you can define the permissions for that staff account. You can change the permissions any time you so wish. Staff account can be completely disabled as well when the associated employee leaves.

All your employees can access WonderLister no matter where they are physically located, thus, you can benefit by tapping into global work force.

*** This feature is unique to WonderLister and is not available on eBay itself ***