Ebay Bulk Editing Tool


Best eBay Listing app to bulk list and edit

Best eBay Listing app to bulk list and edit & to import inventory items from TurboLister

WonderLister Online – an excellent replacement for eBay TurboLister – Can import inventory items from  TurboLister and has an easy-to-use single page editor, allows bulk listing and editing, create folders to organize eBay listings data, automation rules to create eBay listings, computes profit & loss on eBay sales, supports consignment selling and consignor commission calculations, your listings and sales data is kept forever (unlike eBay)

  • Bulk Duplicate - Duplicate a listing "x" number of times, edit with ease, save/send to eBay
  • Bulk Lister - Create listings automatically based on rules you define or Create listings using a CSV file
  • Bulk Relist - Relist multiple listings manually or create rules to automate
  • Bulk Edit - Edit several fields of multiple listings simultaneously
  • Bulk Change Item Specifics
  • Bulk Change using Search & Replace

  • Customize and Print Invoices
  • Sales Report - With Profit & Loss
  • Consignor Payout
  • Pick List

  • Pick List
  • Track shipments
  • Customize and Print Invoices

  • List / Relist based on rules you create
  • Leave feedback for your buyers

  • Define any number of Consignors
  • Define unlimited Consignor Payout Policies even for a single consignor
  • Automatic calculation of commission based on policies you set per consignor
  • Bulk assign consignors and payout policies to your listings or sales
  • Print Consignor Payout Report

  • Unlimited number of eBay User IDs
  • Unlimited number of staff accounts with permission based security
  • List on all eBay sites (total 22) including eBay US, UK, CA, Australia, Germany, Hongkong, Singapore, India and others
  • Supports English language for User Interface

  • Import inventory items & Listings using a CSV file including the CSV file exported by TurboLister in TL format

  • Export your listings to CSV file

  • Create your own custom Grid Views
  • Simplify Listing Editor by removing options you don't use
  • Define preferences

  • Save searches as folders - eBay Listings and/or Sales appear in a folder based on your search parameters
  • User managed - You decide which of your eBay Listings and/or Sales to put in a folder

  • Integrated with Twitter

Features you don’t get on eBay