Ebay Bulk Editing Tool

eBay bulk listing software | WonderLister | Support for your own fields (aka Custom Fields)

WonderLister Online – the premier eBay bulk listing software provides many features you do not get on eBay itself. One of them is the ability to tag your own content to a listing or sale. Beyond the standard fields directly supported by eBay, there may come a time when you would need to be able to add custom fields to your listings and sales. Such fields can add valuable information to your listings and sales. For example, if you are getting your items from a third-party vendor, you can add a custom field called ‘Source’ and enter the name of your vendor for each of your listing. In WonderLister, there is no limit on the number of custom fields you can define, thus, almost any information significant to you can be added directly to each of your listings. And it does not stop there. Custom fields, once defined, are treated as standard eBay fields therefore you can edit them like regular fields, export them, use them in creating your Description Templates and so on.

Screen shot showing Custom Fields Editor