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How to create effective eBay Listings that sell

  WonderLister Admin  January 21st, 2022

Many eBay sellers have asked us as to what they can do so that their listings sell faster, quicker. To that end, you can follow these simple tips and before you know it, you would see a big boost in your sales.

Tip 1. Provide multiple high quality pictures

As we all know, a picture is worth 1000 words. Among the few things any potential buyer looks at are the pictures you have provided. Use a professional camera to take high quality pictures. At the same time, provide as many pictures as you can possibly from different angles and directions. Strongly discourage you to copy pictures from your competitors or from other sources, always provide your own original pictures.

Tip 2. Provide a clear and concise title

eBay allows a max of 80 characters in the title of a listing, that's not a whole lot of space to write a story. So, write absolutely clear title that describes exactly what is it that you are selling.

Tip 3. Write a detailed description

In the description of a listing, write concise but enough details about the product you are selling, why it is better or superior to competitive products and its advantages. The description must be honest and truthful and if it lacks or has some defect, make sure your potential buyers know about it. Don't try to hide it in some little obscure corner that it is hardly noticeable. We need to reemphasize this that you will only hurt your sales and create avoidable sales return and negative feedback, if you try to misguide or hide material facts about your product. Be extremely upfront in stating if there is any defect or shortcoming. Description must be long enough to cover all major pluses and minuses but avoid writing too long a description. Exercise your judgement. While there is no hard limit or rule from eBay itself, We suggest, keep the reading time of any description to no more than a couple of minutes. To better understand how long your description should be, research your competitors listings. Always keep in mind two or three keywords/phrases that you think your buyers will be using to search your product. Ensure such keywords/phrases are present in your description.

Tip 4. Select eBay Category wisely

Any eBay listing can be listed in at the most 2 categories, called Primary and Secondary. Primary category is always required while Secondary is optional. The categories are predefined by eBay. Ensure that you select an appropriate eBay category to list in as categories play a significant role in eBay searches.

Tip 5. Alwasy fill-in Item Specifics even optional ones

Depending upon the category you select to list your product, eBay lets you specify predefined set of name/value properties (aka Item Specifics). Some item specifics may be required while others may be optional. We strongly recommend that you fill-in even the optional item specifics as item specifics play a significant role in eBay searches. If necessary, add your own item specifics as most eBay categories let you do that.

Tip 6. Add a Video

This is a recent addition to eBay's set of features. Now, eBay allows you to upload a video about your product. Videos are far more effective in presenting your product to potential buyers than reading a lengthy description.

Tip 7. Price your item competitively

The cost to any potential buyer is not simply the item's price but how much you charge for shipping, any applicable taxes and other overheads. Keep the overall cost in mind while pricing your product. If you are unsure as to how much to charge, list it as an Auction and let the market decide what the right price is. Use Auction format with a Reserve price if you do not wish to sell below the Reserve price.

For Fixed price products, use Best Offer feature so that buyers may offer you their best prices.

Tip 8. Include FAQs in your description

If you have come across a set of questions that most buyers ask, then, to make the buying decision easier, include the most frequently asked questions and your answers as part of your description.

Tip 9. Alwasy prompty reply to any questions asked

Many a times, buyers may wish to ask you a question about your product. Always respond as quickly as soon as possible. Always respond in a very professional and dignified manner. The response must be complete so that the potential buyer does not have to ask another question.

Tip 10. Offer multiple payment options

Providing multiple ways in which potential buyers can pay you. However, for checks and money orders make sure to state in your payment terms that the shipping might be impacted as you would need to wait for the check / money order to clear.

Tip 11. Leave feedback and insist on getting one

Always leave appropriate feedback for your buyers and ensure that they do the same. eBay's feedback system is designed to provide buyers a level of confidence in suppliers. It is also a measurement of your reputation seen from the eyes of numerous neutral buyers.

Tip 12. If it still does not sell?

On most eBay sites and categories, for fixed price listings, GTC (Good till cancelled) is now the only option available to you. GTC listings automatically renew every 30 days. If your product does not sell within the expected time frame, We recommend that you manually (or use an application that lets you automate this process) end the listing just before it is about to auto-renew, then, recheck your listing and make suitable edits (title, description, price, pictures, videos) and Relist it. If you let eBay auto renew your product listing, then, you would lose your option to make suitable edits.

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