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How do I refresh eBay Categories in WonderLister Desktop App?

  WL Admin  June 7th, 2022

The term "Refresh eBay Categories" means to get the latest categories from eBay. To get the latest set of eBay categories from eBay, kindly follow these steps

Run WonderLister Desktop app

Click on the main menu option "eBay Updates", then, click on "Refresh Categories & Features". See screenshot below:

How to select option to refresh eBay categories in WonderLister Desktop app

A new tab titled "Refresh eBay Categories" will open

Check the eBay site(s) whose categories you wish to refresh. See screenshot below:

Select one or more sites whose eBay categories to refresh

Click the button "Refresh Categories"

When the process is completed, a message will appear on the top of the tab

Close the tab

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