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Copy eBay listings from one account to another

  WL Admin  June 7th, 2022

Both WonderLister Desktop app and Online has this feature that lets you copy all your listings from one account to another. The general steps are as follows:

Lets say we wish to copy listings of eBay account 'A' to eBay account 'B'

Duplicate the listing(s) of account 'A'

Bulk edit the duplicated listings and change the account to 'Account 'B'. See screenshot below:

Bulk Edit In WonderLister Desktop App

This change is not enough as the business policies (Payment, Shipping and Return Policies) are account specific. So, we need to change them as well.

Create or Duplicate business profiles of Account 'A' to "Account 'B'

Using Bulk Edit, edit the Payment, Shipping and Return policies from Account 'A' to Account 'B'

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