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6 features any eBay Listing tool must have

  WL Admin  June 9th, 2022

A lot of eBay sellers ask this question as to what to look for in any eBay listing tool. The answer to this question is based on what value added features does that tool provides - features that you do not get directly on eBay. Here are the top 5 such features.

#1 - Multiple eBay accounts and/or multiple eBay sites with a single user interface

Most eBay sellers have multiple eBay accounts and also sell on multiple eBay sites. On eBay platform, however, you can only login to one of your account at a time. Same hold true if you list on multiple eBay sites - you need to login on that eBay site. An eBay listing tool should allow you to manage all your listings for all your eBay accounts and all eBay sites you list on.

#2 - Copy listings from one eBay account to another

eBay platform does not allow you to do this in any simple way. While this feature may not be required frequently, but in most cases, at some point in time during your experience as an eBay seller, you will need this feature.

#3 - Powerful & easy to use Bulk editing

From time to time, eBay makes changes to their listing policies which require you to make changes to all/majority of your listings. While eBay does have bulk editing but it is not very powerful and is very limited. Any worth while eBay listing tool must have an easy to use but powerful bulk editing that includes the ability to search and replace any number of listings - 200, 500, 10,000, whatever number.

#4 - Staff Accounts with the ability to specify permissions

In this modern age, the world is a global village and most successful companies recruit staff from all over the globe. This naturally helps them to bring in the best resources at the best cost they can afford. eBay platform does not allow your staff members to have their own individual logins that is connected to your own master login. Any decent eBay listing tool must provide you the ability to create your own staff accounts and you should be able to define what each staff member is allowed to do.

#5 - Schedule submissions

As you may know, from time to time, eBay launches "No insertion fee" program. Such program runs for a limited duration only. While eBay allows you to schedule your listings to go live on any date/time of your chosing, however, eBay charges you a scheduling fee per listing. This could get expensive very quickly if you have thousands of such listings. Any eBay listing tool must provide you this feature at no extra cost to you.

#6 - Ability to preserve your listings and sales data forever

As most eBay sellers would know that eBay deletes your completed listings & sales data and associated pictures after a set period of time. This is eBay policy and applies to all eBay sellers globally. However, many sellers are seasonal sellers and list only during certain periods of the year. They utilize their previously created listings (and associated pictures) and list them over and over again. Ability to keep sales data for longer durations also help them not only in their year end tax filing requirements but also to monitor their business performance over a period of time.


WonderLister that comes to you in two flavors - a desktop version and an online version - both flavors support all of the features mentioend above. Being in the market for the last 7+ years and developed by ex-eBay employees, this is a must have eBay listing tool if you wish to improve efficiency and lower your operational cost.

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